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Fractional Sales & Business Development Services
for Multifamily

First Sales Hire

Organizations that have achieved initial success through capitalizing on the founder’s and investor’s professional networks often engage Apex Multifamily Advisors to formulate and implement a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and advanced sales plan. This partnership enables clients to transition from the start-up phase to a structured, scalable approach for business development and revenue generation.

Apex’s consulting services encompass the development of strategic sales initiatives tailored to each client’s specific objectives and industry landscape. By leveraging Apex’s expertise, clients can expedite their progression to the next phase of growth through the execution of robust, data-driven sales and marketing strategies.

New Territory or Vertical

For organizations that have achieved success within a particular industry and are now seeking to expand their operations into the multifamily housing sector, Apex Multifamily Advisors can provide invaluable guidance. We possess the expertise to capitalize on your existing accomplishments and translate that success into driving substantial revenue growth within the multifamily market.

Apex will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current business strategies, identifying strengths that can be leveraged and areas that may require adaptation to effectively penetrate the multifamily landscape. With a deep understanding of the nuances and dynamics within this specialized industry, we will develop a tailored go-to-market approach that maximizes your competitive advantages and positions your organization for sustained profitability.

By partnering with Apex Multifamily Advisors, you gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge, strategic insights, and proven sales methodologies that can seamlessly extend your achievement from one sector to another. Our commitment is to empower your organization with the tools and expertise necessary to achieve accelerated growth and capitalize on emerging opportunities within the multifamily housing market.

Temporary Coverage

In the event of a vacancy within your sales team, it is crucial to maintain consistent engagement with your existing pipeline to prevent valuable opportunities from stagnating. Apex Multifamily Advisors offers flexible fractional sales support services to bridge this gap seamlessly while you undertake the process of backfilling the open position.

Our fractional sales assistance plans commence with a minimum commitment of 10 business days, allowing you to tailor the engagement duration to your specific needs. During this period, we will assume responsibility for nurturing and advancing your current sales pipeline, ensuring that critical revenue-generating activities remain uninterrupted.

By leveraging Apex’s fractional sales services, you can confidently allocate the necessary time and resources to identify and onboard the ideal candidate for your open role, without compromising the momentum of your ongoing sales efforts. We seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, acting as an extension of your team to maintain continuity and prevent any potential revenue leakage.

Whether you require short-term support or anticipate a more extended transition period, Apex Multifamily Advisors’ flexible fractional sales solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient means to sustain your sales operations during periods of personnel changes, ensuring your organization’s growth trajectory remains unimpeded.

About Us

Apex Multifamily Advisors was founded by Scott Snyder after he identified a recurring theme during discussions with business executives: a lack of available resources dedicated to sales and business development efforts. The common refrains heard were:

“I do not have adequate time to dedicate to sales activities.”

“My team does not possess the specialized skill set required for effective sales execution.”

“Allocating budget for an internal sales team is not feasible given our current circumstances.”

To address this gap, Apex Multifamily Advisors was established as a consulting firm that provides fractional sales and business development services tailored to organizations operating within the multifamily housing sector. The firm’s mission is to serve as an extension of each client’s team, delivering expertise and targeted strategies to drive revenue growth through enhanced sales capabilities.

-Scott Snyder, Founder/Managing Member scott@apexmfa.com

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